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Site Now Closed

Due to total lack of interest in anyone wishing to help or carry on with this site, It is now closed.

I will keep it online for a week or so, just in case anyone has a change of heart or has only just seen the request to hand it over.

e mail any interest only to:


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This Community

Due to work and other commitments. I am going to have to withdraw my contributions in updating this site.
I often wonder if it is useful anyway?

I will not be doing any further updates after the end of this year.

If anyone wishes to take over I will try to help and pass on all relevant information.

Please contact me at

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Anna Soubry

Hello again,

It has been a very busy week! I took my tired team for a feel deserved end-of-term Christmas meal yesterday and the office will officially re-open on Monday January 5th. In the meantime I will continue to monitor emails and deal with all and any emergencies. I will be sending this year’s electronic version of my Christmas Card out in the next few days – details of the winner, Summer Yates aged 6 are below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Chilwell Military Wives in Westminster

Over 60 constituents took the early morning coaches I organised down to London for a tour of Parliament. Among them were members of the Chilwell Military Wives Choir who delighted us with an impromptu carol under the Christmas tree in Westminster Hall. Residents from roads blighted by the tram works in Beeston and Chilwell, traders from Kimberley and community leaders and workers from throughout the constituency had a great tour of Parliament and then a few hours shopping and sight seeing in central London.

This is the third tour I have organised and has proved so popular I will be offering a repeat in the summer to all constituents – whether I win or lose in May!

Community Champions in the dark at No. 10!

After Monday’s successful tour of Parliament, seven community champions from Broxtowe got a tour of No 10 Downing Street on Wednesday evening – so apologies for the quality of the photo! Like the tour of Parliament, this was a non party political event and my guests were Nigel Adams of Hope in Beeston, Natalie Harvey who runs Combat Bullying from Toton, Colin Spiers who founded the great Beeston based charity Head Case, Nuthall Parish Councillor Stephen Green and his father, Grenville, Julie Cameron who has fought so hard on behalf of traders in Beeston and Chilwell and James McDonald head of Bramcote College sixth form.

Hs2 – who’s making the case for Notts?

Following on from the meeting organised by Stapleford’s community campaigner Richard MacRae with representatives of Hs2, I met the Chairman, Sir David Higgins this week. I continue to urge Hs2 to place the East Midlands hub at Toton Sidings, but have to accept there are difficulties with the site. However, if Toton is not suitable then I believe the area around east Midlands Parkway off the A453 and close to East Mids Airport, the M1 and Nottingham, should be the preferred site. My concern is that none of our Councils are advancing this alternative and so Derbyshire will get the Hub. Unfortunately, the leaders of both the City and County Councils have yet to agree to meet me to discuss the matter.

Christmas Card winner from Nuthall

My thanks to all the children from around the constituency who entered this year’s Christmas card competition. The winner is Summer Yates who is six and attends Mornington Primary School in Nuthall.

It was a real pleasure to attend this week’s assembly and present Summer with her prize. I have sent out over 3,000 Chritsmas cards with the electronic version due to be sent next week – I hope you agree with me that Summer was a worthy winner. Congratulations to the runners up – Eesha Ajaz from Mornington, Felina Hamilton from St John’s, Stapleford and Sophia Arrowsmith from Chetwynd Primary Academy.
Thank you to all the workers at Royal Mail
Yesterday, I visited Royal Mail in Beeston which is operating flat out in the run up to Christmas. The NG9 and NG16 areas which cover almost all of Broxtowe have experienced their busiest pre-Christmas time, ever. It was also good to thank Stapleford Borough Councillor and postie, John McGrath.

Good news for Beeston

Boots plans gets the go-ahead and tram works are coming to an end!

Broxtowe Borough Council unanimously granted planning permission for the development on Boots which includes huge investment in the Enterprise Zone with a new £6 million access road, 675 houses and and the potential of hundreds of jobs.

Like the entire population of Beeston, Chilwell, Brancote and beyond, I am delighted that the tram works really are coming to an end. Chilwell/High Road will be open to two way traffic on Monday and the Middle Street/Station Road Junction is also open. The work will stop for most of the Christmas period and we will then enter the final stages.

Chapel of unrest – new concerns over Kimberley Town Council 

I have been contacted by a number of constituents who are very concerned about Kimberley Town Council’s for Cemetery Chapel. On Thursday a “public meeting” attracted just 15 residents and a small group of former Town Councillors (11 have resigned since 2011).

Despite the lack of a business plan, no external estimates and in my view no mandate from the people of Kimberley, the Town Council has decided to spend at least £40,000 to create a “social hub” in the chapel. It’s a lovely building, with magnificent views which is much loved by many residents; but its situation in the middle of the Cemetery and devoid of any car park means it has limited use however much of your money Kimberley Town Council spends on it.

On Thursday evening, by a vote of 7 to 4, the Council approved its own plans which they have refused to put on public display. Only 6 of the 11 Councillors who attended, were elected – the rest are co-opted. Town Councillor Kat Boettge of the Green Party has launched a campaign to overturn the decision and she has my firm backing. Kat has recently returned to Kimberley Town Council and tells me there is a more transparent attitude from the ruling Labour group thanks to our combined efforts. However, this latest scheme seems little more than a vanity project that could turn into an expensive folly. Meanwhile the iconic War memorial is, apparently, in urgent need of restoration.

Join the campaign to keep the Cemetery Chapel special

Pub news 

I am sorry to report that the New White Bull in Giltbrook has been sold, despite all our efforts, to the Co-Op. Greene King refused to sell to the excellent local Blue Monkey Brewery.

Meanwhile, Broxtowe Borough Council is seeing common sense in relation to the marquee in the garden of the award winning Beeston Crown and the pub has won a reprieve.

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PRESS RELEASE Local Broxtowe Green Party Candidate Pledges Support for Local Pubs and Brewers


Local Broxtowe Green Party Candidate Pledges Support for Local Pubs and Brewers

Issued: December 18th 2014

David Kirwan, local Green Party General Election candidate for Broxtowe has today pledged to support local pubs and breweries.

The three pledges are highlighted in the Manifesto for Pubs and Real Ale by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, which sets out a package of reforms they are seeking from the next Government. These important pledges are to:
• Support well-run community pubs

• Promote Britain’s breweries

• Represent pub goers and beer drinkers.
Tim Page, CAMRA’s Chief Executive welcomed David’s support, saying:

“We are delighted that David Kirwan has pledged his support for pubs, breweries and consumers. As, on average, 31 pubs close each week it is absolutely vital that our elected representatives recognise and champion the value of these important community assets, and work to protect them.

“CAMRA is urging the next Government to act to ensure that pubs are better protected in the planning system, that large pub companies treat their licensees fairly and that beer duty is set at a level which supports UK brewing.”
David Kirwan added:

“I am proud to be speaking up for pubs and real ale. Well-run community pubs play a crucial role in local life and make a huge contribution to the local economy – with each injecting around £80,000 to the local area every year.

If elected, I will continue to show my support in Parliament.”

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Steve Barber latest news

Boots Application

Tonight we passed unanimously both Boots applications as I outlined in the last newsletter. This followed a lengthy debate during which I relayed the issues which you passed to me and received assurances, concerns were expressed and we have reserved the right to turn the development down if satisfactory answers are not forthcoming. The main issues I raised were:

We have recently had a £51m flood defence scheme put in. I am assured that as long as that remains intact and serviceable there is no increased risk to any of the Rylands. However, the bit which concerns me is that if it is breached this development will make matters worse as there is less space for the rushing floodwaters coming from the Trent to go on to. This means that we become more like Holland or New Orleans where flood defences are paramount. I have asked for absolute assurances that the flood defence will be maintained in perpetuity. We have held back the detailed permission until we get full flood assessments and this question is answered. The application given today was an outline one which is “in principle”.

This was raised by many of you and the main concern is Lilac Grove being used as a cut-through. We were told that the new road will be severely traffic calmed and subject to a 20mph speed limit and takes an indirect route (Long and Winding Road). I have asked for further weight restrictions and various residential restrictions to be added. I am also pushing for more calming on Lilac Grove and the design/signage to be such that Humber Road is the preferred and easier route. I have requested that the various traffic experts look into this in more detail and let us have various options.


We had a site visit and it is clear that the site has huge potential. As long as we get the detail right this will be of massive benefit to Beeston, Nottingham and the region. I am pleased to have got this £100m investment on the way for the next generations.

Roads re-open

This last fortnight the stops have been pulled out in Beeston to get the roads opened, it’s of course a pity that this didn’t happen a few months ago, before we had our “frank exchange of views” with the project senior management, but we are where we are. There is to be overnight working along Middle St and I have just received two confirmations: From 05:00 on Sunday the Indigo, 20 and 18 bus services will revert to their pre-tram routes, along Chilwell Road in both directions. From Monday traffic will flow both ways along Chilwell Road and the Middle Street/Station Road junction will be fully open. Later than we were told but normality is returning.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee opens in Beeston Square at 07:30 on Friday. This is the first part of phase 1 of Beeston Square coming on-stream. Pure Gym to follow, then Wilkos. We’re pushing for 24hr rapid working to relay this gas pipe and we don’t expect open trenches to gather weeds as they did on Middle St. The trouble is that under “localism” we are powerless in this case.

Christmas Carol events

Rylands methodist Church will be holding a Carol Service (Sunday 21st Dec, 6.00pm), a Christingle (Christmas Eve, 4.15pm and Christmas Day Worship at 10.15.

University Boulevard tree

One of you noticed a tree had recently been felled near the tramworks and the concern is that more may follow. The response form NET is:

Hi Steve,

I understand that you have a query regarding the large Poplar tree on the Queens Road/University Boulevard junction which was felled. This was removed by the NET contractor at the request of Phil Wood from Broxtowe Borough Council because the buttress roots were hollow making the tree a hazard.

Hope this clarifies things.


It has become noticeable how much more prevalent charity collectors (chuggers) are becoming in Beeston. Coupled with other sales personnel it has been said that the High Road is becoming a bit like running the gauntlet. What do you think? I asked our officer what the legal situation is and here is the response;

There are two issues.
Firstly in respect of “chugging”, there are no legislative restrictions. There is a code of conduct which asks DD collectors to notify the Council before attending and that enables us to advise on availability and avoid clashes with other charities. They are also obliged to behave in a responsible manner when soliciting. However we can have a discussion with PFRA and perhaps initiate an SMA (Site Management Agreement) which we can tailor to suit our requirements. Let me know how you feel about that.

In respect of selling products on the High Road, we have no street trading legislation in place to prevent this. Again we can, if necessary, look into developing a policy if the issue is of significance. However Police may move anyone on who is causing an obstruction.

Use of the square is controlled by the Licensing team. However the Potato seller and Flower seller are tenants of Henry Boot and they will be returning to their respective pitches when works are complete. We do not normally allow commercial services or “chuggers” on the Square.

We should also bear in mind that Beeston Bid allocate certain areas of the High Road (Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s areas) and are able to raise valuable revenue from this. We liaise with the Bid to ensure the smooth running of the allocation process. Charities should still be advising the Council of the collection.

Crown Inn

Just briefly; tonight we passed a resolution seeking a planning application from the Crown Inn for their Marquee before 12 weeks from when Middle St opens to through traffic. A number of other pubs have now complained that they appear to be getting away with it whilst others are following the law.This shouldn’t be a problem as the Crown have applied for numerous previous plans and clearly know the procedure. We look forward to seeing the application.

And Finally may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, whether you spend it at home or intend to go away.

We have managed to get some cheap tickets to London so shall go to stay with our daughter who now works for Transport for London before coming back for Christmas. On Boxing Day Our son and his family are coming from Eastern Berlin to visit. This will be our first (belated) Christmas Dinner with our new Granddaughter; Sammie.

This is intended to be my last newsletter until the New Year unless something crops up…..


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Steve Barber News


Just as Phase 1 of the Square emerges and is about to open National Grid announce that they intend to dig it up again (as is their right). Why oh why they couldn’t have done this whilst it was all dug up beggars belief; BT managed to lay a fibre optic cable. To say that I am furious is an understatement. The latest, I understand is that a meeting between all interested parties started reasonably well but ended with little being achieved. As I see it the situation is thus: When the services were first moved for the tram, almost three years ago it was discovered that the 120 year old gas main was badly corroded. A child could surely have told you that if the bits along Middle St and Chilwell Road were corroded so would be the bit under the Square (High Road 120 years ago) as it had not been replaced. Surely it would have been best if the work was then scheduled whilst the Square was under refurbishment. However no, a connection was made close to the tramline on to the old pipe. Now National Grid need access to that connection which will invariably disrupt the tram testing. NET are under severe penalties for late running so understandably said that they would only delay testing if told to do so by the promoters (City Council) The City Council equally understandably said not a chance as this would bring pressure off for NET to finish. Sadly under the joke legislation called “Localism”, no local body least of all the Borough or County Council have any say in the matter. National Grid can dig up where and when they like. Nick Palmer has assured us that if elected he will seek a review into this and he has the backing of the international Light Rail industry.

Meeting tonight

Lillian Greenwood MP is Nick Palmer and Dawn Elliott’s guest this evening in the Plessey Club. Lillian Greenwood is the shadow minister for transport so this is a good time to bring up utility issues we’re having in Beeston (see above) and traffic problems associated with development. Dawn Elliott is one of your Labour Candidates for the Borough Election in May (see item below). I shall be there, hopefully see you.

Crown Inn

A storm could possibly brew over the Crown Inn this week. They erected a “temporary marquee” in the back yard 2 years ago and it was noted that there was no planning permission. Last year they received a letter from the Council ordering it to be taken down, but following Councillor intervention and considering the disruption to business caused by the tram it was decided prudent to at least suspend this, in the hope that an application would be forthcoming. There has been no application and we note that the Crown is a Grade 2 listed building so on several counts we would expect one. We have insisted on regulations being observed by other nearby licensed premises. It is now proposed that legal action be taken if no application is received within the next 8 weeks. Hopefully we get one (we have had many applications for other alterations in the past, nearly all approved) and this storm really is just one in a teacup.


There is no doubt that we are all very fed up and frustrated by the finishing off process which seems to take forever and a day. Last week was bad with certain operations outside Tesco which frankly should have been done at night. I have asked for this and been told that most disruptive operations will be done at night when possible and not too noisy. A problem with the contract is that Taylor Woodrow are on a huge penalty (effectively around £100 per minute) and so are not receptive to any suggestion which causes a delay in completion. The County Council pulled out and so, unlike the City Council have virtually no say in how the work is done. The Borough Council can only shout and dance about it, which we do.

A new beginning

It’s taken a lot of thought but a few weeks ago I informed the Labour Party that I did not now intend to take up the nomination to be re-elected for Broxtowe Borough Council . The over-riding reason is health; I have high blood pressure which was the reason for my early retirement and I am not a person who can sit back once in a position.

When I took office 8 years ago I set out a series of major aims and I now look back on these:
Tram – Although more painful largely due to the Utilities it is now almost finished
Plessey Site – plans approved and I think overall we got an exceptionally good deal for the Rylands
Beeston Station, I wanted to see patronage top 500,000 – It’s easily broken this record with year on year growth to become the third busiest in Nottingham and Notts.
Continuation of Plessey Social Club – moving into brand new purpose build premises
Beeston Square – phase 1 about to open, subsequent phases now inevitable.

It has been a pleasure and honour to deal with the many items (some successfully, others; we tried at least) which have come from the people who matter; residents.

I am also delighted to have seen the Canal Cottages project go ahead (big announcement expected) and HS2 at least come to the region, The Boots site should be well progressed very shortly. I was also involved in the Aligned Core Strategy for Greater Nottingham and feel that we now have a robust plan covering the conurbation for the next 14 years.

So the time is to either set new targets or enjoy my expanding international family and pass Council responsibilities on to those who are both enthusiastic and capable. Dawn Elliott, who is not only enthusiastic but also extremely capable is standing as a candidate for Labour. Frank Prince previously announced his retirement after a longer career than me (he was mayor) and a number of very capable younger people have expressed an interest. Selection will take place in the New Year. I have every confidence that you will continue to be well represented. I shall work with and support the new Councillors.

Best Wishes


P.S. Frank and I remain as Councillors until May and we shall play to the full to “the final whistle”.